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Mandarin Piano Lessons, Martha McKie, Jacksonville FL 32223, 32257, 32258, 32259,

You will enjoy learning to play the piano! 
Martha McKie offers the finest piano
instruction in the Mandarin area. 


I have been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Martha for about 3 1/2 years. When I came to piano, I thought I could never learn how to read music and I did after hard work and lessons. Mrs. McKie is the BEST piano teacher a striving pianist could ask for. She is sweet, she knows just about all there is to know about piano and can bring that to the lesson for you. Also we don't just learn piano we embrace it. We have recitals about 3 to 4 times a year and she includes her students in many events as well as piano competitions. I highly recommend her as a teacher. She has taught me everything I know and there is still much to be learned!  Thanks Mrs. McKie!!!! 
Brooke Burkhart, Age 16

I always look forward to my weekly piano lessons with Martha.  She has provided me with   encouragement and motivation to progress with my piano skills.  Martha  knows how to bring out a student's natural abilities.  I strongly recommend Martha to anyone who wants to enjoy playing the piano while improving their skills.  She makes learning fun!   
John Thomas, Colonel, US Air Force (Retired)   

Mrs. McKie has been teaching our daughter for two years. We liked her so much that we started our son with her after the first year.  Each one has different learning styles and Mrs. McKie has been able to help each of them despite their differences. We would recommend Mrs. McKie's studio to anyone who wishes a caring, attentive, competent and reliable teacher.  
The Gaudette Family

My daughter has studied piano with Martha for over three years. She had been a student with another teacher prior but really did not learn much. We have found Martha to be a warm and caring teacher who has the desire to help her students succeed.   She communicates easily with her students and takes the time to pass her talent on to her students.   We have been to several recitals and competitions and thanks to her guidance my daughter has had the opportunity to excel and gain confidence in her abilities.   Great accomplishments for someone who could not play the piano just a few short years ago.   Thank you Martha I am glad we found the best piano teacher in Jacksonville!  
Bob Burkhart

Martha McKie has been a fabulous teacher for both of my daughters. They have different learning styles, and she has adapted her teaching to both of them. My oldest is quite technical in her play, while my younger daughter is more creative and plays not necessarily “by ear” but with more of an emphasis on adapting music to what she hears. Martha has been able to incorporate my younger daughter’s desire to write her own music into the lessons and recitals and has used her own piano recorder to help her hear her original work and realize the fun and joy in composing! My older daughter has excelled with Martha’s expertise. Martha has taken her to a new level of understanding with more advanced music. Both of my daughter’s have been to district and qualified for state piano competitions under Martha’s tutelage. Martha has a delightful, fun-loving personality, yet she has a command of music so well tuned that she knows what the music will/should sound like just by looking at the notes on the page—a rare talent, I think. After 5 years now, I would highly recommend Martha to anyone looking for a great piano teacher for their child, or themselves.
Holly Ross


Piano Lessons in Mandarin by Martha McKie, Piano Instruction in Mandarin, Julington Creek Plantation and south Jacksonville for beginners and advanced students.  Experienced piano teacher in Mandarin, Piano Lessons in South Jacksonville Florida 32257 and in St Johns County FL 32259.  Reasonable rates and friendly, patient instruction.   Call today to schedule an introductory lesson.

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